Festcool 4 Pcs Mother of Pearl Wall Plaques, Hand-Crafted Shell Picture Panels, Birds and Peony, Wall Art Decor Artwork Hanging Picture, 36" X 12"x 0.8" (6)

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The carved mother of pearl wall plaque set Bird and Peony is a Chinese hanging wall art for the blessing of good fortune. This traditional set will add an oriental touch to your place. Made 20 years ago in Guangdong, China, each set is individually crafted and painted with a black lacquer finish. It is kept in its original box, dated back to 1994.

  • 4 panels of hand-crafted mother of pearl lacquer wall plaques
  • Size in Inches : 36" x 12" x 0.8", bronze hanging hook included
  • The blessing of good fortune, good fengshui
  • Unique hand-crafted wall art for business, office, home decor and gift
  • Made 20 years ago, a value collection