Festcool 10.5" 5 PCS Octagonal Set of Oriental Porcelain Planters Classic Flower Pots

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Octagonal set of 5 oriental porcelain planters are painted with four plants and poems to praise them: plum blossom , orchid , bamboo and chrysanthemum, which symbilze the long lasting spirit and value. This set is made in Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain in China.

  • 5 pcs set of porcelain flower pots, each with a dish and drain hole
  • #1-10.5" x 8"H, #2-9"x7"H, #3-7.5"x6.5"H, 4#-6.5"x5.25, #5-5.75x4.5H
  • Glazed inside and outside, great for indoor and outdoor
  • Good for deco or gift