9 Pcs Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Purple Sand Tea Set Fine Tea Pot Tea Cups Traditional Kung Fu Tea

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Yixing Zisha purple clay tea set is made in Yixing, the city with a history of making tea set with special local purple clay for over 2000 years. One purple clay tea pot was even auctioned over 2 million US dollars a few years ago. Purple clay teapot can make tea a unique flavor and taste, long lasting tea aroma. Typical purple tea set has no glaze inside the pot, otherwise it can't make unique flavor tea. It is good both for daily use and collection.

  • The set includes: 1 teapot, 6 small teacups, 2 large teacups
  • Made of fine purple clay
  • 1 teapot :4.5"dia, 3.5"h, approximate capacity: 10 oz 300 ml
  • 6 small teacups: 2.5"dia, 1.25"h, approximate capacity: 2 oz
  • 2 large teacups: 3.5"dia, 5"h, approximate capacity: 14 oz