7 Pcs Premium Color Glaze Fish Sculpture Porcelain Tea Set Teaset Fine Tea Pot Tea Coffee Cups

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This Kiln changing color glaze tea set is made in China 'Porcelain Capital' Jingdezhen. The tea set color is changeable in kiln high temperature, so no two tea sets have the same color. It is good both for daily use and collection.

  • The set includes: 1 teapot, 6 teacups
  • Made of fine porcelain. Kiln changeable color glaze
  • 1 teapot :3.5"dia, 2.5"h, approximate capacity: 5 oz
  • 6 teacups: 2.5"dia, 1"h,approximate capacity: 2 oz
  • One gold fish relief sculpture in the bottom of each cup