7 PC Chinese Peach Blossom Tea Set Fine Tea Pot Tea Teapot Tea Pot Teaset Cups Traditional Jingdezhen

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The tea set includes the following: 1 teapot (approximate dimension: 4"dia, 7", approximate capacity: 850 ml or 29 fl oz) 6 teacups (approximate dimension: 2 1/2" dia, 2" ht, approximate capacity: 100 ml or 3 fl oz) 1 porcelain canister (approximate dimension: 3 1/2" dia, 5" ht approximate capacity: 400 ml or 13.6 fl oz)

  • Hand-painting Chinese Peach Blossom Tea Set is most famous one made in China 'Porcelain Capital' Jingdezhen. Peach blossom often means good luck. It took almost one year for about 40 artists and technicians to make it in 1975. So it is often called 7501 or Mao porcelain. One original set is often auctioned over one million US dollars. These sets are hand painted by Jingdezhen artisans.
  • It is good both for daily use and collection.