1980s Vintage Classic 30-inch Hand-painted Decorative Fan, Paper Fan, Gold Leaf, Cranes and Pines All Blessings of Longevity, Chinese Japanese Style, with Stand

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This beautiful hand-painted decorative gold leaf fan was made in 1980s. Imported from Fujian Provincial Arts and Crafts Import & Export Corporation, China, in 1992, it is still in the original packing box in excellent condition. Hand-painted with unique art value, it is a distinctive rare collection and gift. Cranes and Pines All Blessings of Longevity

  • Made in 1980s, hand-painted gold leaf classic fan
  • Size: 30 inches wide, 18 inches radius
  • Rare collection and gift
  • Made of bamboo and paper with stand
  • Good for fengshui