11 PCS Wine Liquor Spirit Sake Alcohol Porcelain Pot Set 1 Pot 8 Cups Chinese Japanese (Blue Mountain Village) Blue and White 2

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Chinese wine sets have a long history and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Porcelain wine sets have the highest artistic value, such as the Ming and Qing Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain wine sets painted with landscape, flowers, birds, human figures and stories, giving a sense of beauty and cultural taste to the drinkers . Chinese people call drinking wine is wine culture, so wine pot set is part of the culture.

  • Made of fine porcelain in Jingdezhen, the pot set is of best quality and artistic value
  • Size in Inches : 1 pot 4.5Dia(belly) x 9H, 10 cups 1.5Diax2.76H
  • Blue mountain and village
  • Packed in gift box,useful in dinning, collectible and gift